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진실한가 사랑 있을 것인가?
Will there be true love
.15 April 2010 ' 8:18 PMY
Hellos Readers ^^

It's been so long since I last blogged. Suddenly have the mood to blog today :] So here I am to blog for today. But it's not going to be some fun and interesting stuff but some daily routine.

As usual, we assemble in parade square for morning assembly. By right the upper secondary was required to run for our weekly morning run. But some classes were exempted from run as we have P.E lesson later on. As it's NAPFA week so we are suppose to run 2.4km. So well was lucky to be able to skip morning run and trying my best to memorise as many factors and explanation for Social Studies.

Social Studies > I can only say that I've did extremely badly for it. P.E > Accompany Justina to run for the first and last round. Halfway at the last round, accompany Nicolette as well. Maths > Miss Khong go through Ex 4.4 graded assignment. Did some careless mistake again ! Recess > Nothing much to talk about :] Mother Tongue > Miss Bai took over Miss Melissa Lee as she has some things on. So did some planning for a question. Wasn't really able to think much as the library was so noisy and Vivian shouted at them ! Lols ! POA > Did some amalgamation questions. English > Summary was badly done as well.

Lunch > Lunch with Vivian, Nikki, Elaine, Justina, Nicole and YaTing. Around 2.30pm, Vivian, Elaine and Justina left for Pure Geography. At first I agree to accompany Nicole and YaTing till 3pm, in the end left for History with Nikki. History Extra Lesson > Was quite funny. WeiXiang, Aaron and Johnson purposely skip Pure Geography lesson as the timing clashed together. The sitting arrangement was more hilarious. Two students per table and it form a diagonal line across history room. Nikki and I were paying 50% attention to Mr Cheang and 50% to ourself. We got engaged in some conversation :] History and Pure Geography ends around the same timing. After that went home immediately.

Seriously I don't know what's going on with me. For this Class Test, I did real badly. I guess I can only pass POA [ which I've pass already ] It's really awful. It's okay I shall just work hard for my Mid-Year.

That's all for today post. Shall engaged myself in Bejeweled Blitz before I shut my lappy. May everyone enjoy their day. Goodnight ~

.27 March 2010 ' 11:30 PMY
Hellos Readers ^^

Had not been updating for almost 2 weeks. Thus I'm here to update again :] This post wouldn't be long as I'm rushing for time. I will rephrase until it's pretty short alright.

Starting from this Saturday, I have to go back to school for Chemistry Practical Lesson from 8 - 9.30am. So bored. Cannot imagine that I still have to go back to on Saturday. When Miss Melissa Lee told us that we are not having HMT extra lesson on Saturday le, I was like so relieve finally can rest for Saturday. But who knows this Chemistry Practical suddenly pop up. But well it's okay I accept it as it's important.

Like what I said above, today went to school for Chemistry Practical Lesson. Rivervale Mall > Went there specially to buy magazine. Home > Did some necessary stuff and have lunch. Home Tuition > As usual having maths and it ends at 3.15pm today [ Miss Chan is so good to give me extra time ]

After resting for about an hour, I was getting ready to meet up with Vivian and Nicole to go to Clarice's house for her pre-birthday celebration :] Overall Clarice's pre-birthday celebration is fun. During my stay at there, I get to try out 2 new things. First is to eat grilled sweet potato and second is drinking red wine. [ due to some game, loser has to take a sip of red wine. luckily I only drank a few sips ] Around 9plus, 7 crazy sec 4 students [ Nicole, Justina, Elaine, Sharon, Me, Julian, Sebastion Fong ] was having a balloon fight. Even though it's really lame but we seems to enjoyed as we laugh like siao. After that went home with Nicole with the transport of LRT.

That's all for today post. I really enjoyed myself at Clarice's house. Shall wish Clarice Happy Birthday on the actual day :] May everyone enjoy their day. Goodnight ~

.16 March 2010 ' 10:11 PMY
Hellos Readers ^^

Had not been updating for about 1 month plus and here I am to update : )

Firstly, went out around 11am to meet with Vivian first. After that we went to the library to wait for 11.30 am as Miss Melissa Lee is treating us [ HCL memeber ] for our good result. Having lunch at Jack's Place. All I can say is that I enjoyed the meal and I'm super super full. Thanks Miss Melissa Lee for the wonderful meal.

After that, went to wait for Nicole to arrive at compass point as we are leaving together and head to Hougang. Waited for about 5 minutes we saw Nicole and off we go take MRT to Hougang Station. Bought some stuff and head off to Kbox. Justina and Clarice was late by 10 minutes :X Luckily is 10 minutes if more than that Vivian, Nicole and Me is going to kill them. Hahas. Sing all the way till 7pm. Took some photos using Vivian's Camera. I don't want to take de lorhx. It's all Vivian and Justina's fault. Might share the photos went Vivian send to me. Anyway today Kbox was so cheap okay. Each person is like only $8 lorhx. Cheap !!!

After singing we went to Pizza Hut and have our dinner. I'm super duper full !!! Vivian has some problem but after the help of lemon. She's perfectly fine already : ) Vivian you must thanks lemon worhz. Even though it's sour but still it help you okay : ) We took different transportation back home. Vivian took cab, Justina and Clarice walked home, Nicole and I took MRT back home.

That's all for today post. I really enjoyed today singing session and the time spend at Jack's Place. Hope to meet up soon together again : ) Anyway have POA lesson tml. May everyone enjoy their day. Goodnight ~

.06 February 2010 ' 9:58 PMY
Hellos Readers ^^

Had not been updating my blog for almost one month and I feel like blogging today :) Thus here I am to update le.

Had maths tuition earlier today. From 12.35pm to 2.15pm [ supposing only 1h30mins but teacher everytime exceeds =D ] After tuition rest awhile and then get ready to go out to meet Vivian, Justina and Clarice at Habourfront Station at 4pm. Well I wasn't late. I reached on the dot. Clarice was a little late but well it's okay ^^.

Off we went to Golden Village. Was suppose to catch My Ex [ NC16 , horror movie ] but the staff don't allow me larhx. So bored !!! So we catch Hachiko : A Dog Story. It's touches a lot of viewers hearts. Really ! Vivian, Justina and Clarice cries like nobody business. I didn't cry cause I restrain myself from crying. After movie went to Candy Empire to see see :)

Vivian, Justina and Me went off to take train as Clarice has to wait for her mum and fetch her to ahgong house. So off we go. Vivian and I alight at Dhouby Ghout while Justina was going to Sengkang station. She does not want to have dinner as she's tired. Vivian and I went to have our dinner. One main point is that, Vivian and I went to a shop opposite the kopitiam to play 'catching of soft toys' ! Waste money ! Vivian and I said that we are going to save $1 coins to catch it one day again. I guess I couldn't catch any today because I'm pretty unlucky today. There's prove for saying unlucky but I don't wish to mention about it.

After that we went back to take MRT. Before that we saw a group of hilarious guys. Especially 2 guys. 3 was standing infront of us while 2 behind us [ on the escalator ]. Due to the 3 guys infront, Vivian and I burst out laughing. Hmmm should say Vivian, Me and the 2 guys behind us. It's really hilarious lorhx. Think of it now, makes me laugh again. Reached SengKang and went to take LRT seperately. Reached home about 9pm. Not bad leiz, Mum didn't ring me up at all.

Had lots of fun today with them, shall meet up real soon again. Going out with friends during weekends is really great. Especially during night time. After O's Level, I must go out during night time! But it's still a pity that I can't catch My Ex in the theatre. Never mind shall catch it online then. That's all for today post. Shall watch some dramas online le. May everyone enjoy their day. Goodbye ~

.11 January 2010 ' 6:36 PMY
Hellos Readers ^^

It's been so long since I last updated about my things. Well who are to be blame? The answer is ... Jesslyn's lazyiness. Hahas. Well as I promised one of the readers I would update today so here I am to update le!

Supposingly I should report to school later today but due to Jesslyn's serious STM, I have to go school early to copy Chemistry homework from Vivian. In exchange I got lend her my Maths homework okay. Lols. It's not very good anyway.

Maths > Miss Khong spend some time talking about her ex-students story and start lesson after half an hour. Did two question and it was pretty easy larhx. P.E > Since today was our first P.E lesson, we took our height and weight. After taking all the height and weight, our class split into two groups for Captain Ball or Basketball. Recess > Stay in class until 10.50am, went to change into uniform and continue revising for Chemistry test. Chemistry > Have pre-metals test and well it wasn't super difficult but I think I might not pass. Who knows? Maybe I might get a just pass grade. Lols. After the test, Miss Kharisma teach metals and sometimes Mrs Leong would add on some important points. History > Went there to listen to one group's presentation and continue lesson for about 15 minutes. POA > Miss Shang did some simple recap with our class and started off with the test. I did some careless mistake lorhx! Argh!

Today is the release of O's Level results thus the school dismiss at 1.30pm except for 3Express, 4Express and 5Normal Academic. Since I'm getting my O's Level Mother Tongue Result today so Vivian, ZiXi and I was seperated from the class larhx. I was so worried about my result that I can't think properly. Hahas. Lazy to explain the whole process of how worried I am, so I should just jump to the main point. Miss Melissa Lee said that there's 8 students who get A1, 5 students who get A2 and 1 student get B3. When it was my turn to get, she asked me to guess what score I was getting. As what I've said before, ever since Sec 2 my mother tongue really deprove like siao. So I was like telling her, I guess I'm the one who get B3. Then she keeps on say are you going to treat me lunch / dinner? I said I don't want cause I seriously don't want to get B3 marhx. After asking a few times she show me my result and I was shocked. I get A1 !!! My god!!! My long last bestie came back le. I was still asking her if this was true lorhx. Hahas.

After getting my result, went to have lunch with Vivian in school. Thought that there was CCA today, but to my surprise CCA was cancelled due to the collection of O's Level result. Hehes I'm so lucky !!! Went home with Vivian and slack till 4.30pm.

That's all for today post. Going to watch Channel 8 drama and have my dinner le. Just before I really stop posting, I would really like to thank Miss Melissa Lee. Despite getting an A1, I would still treat her lunch / dinner as my appreciation de! May everyone enojoy their day. Goodbye ~

.23 November 2009 ' 6:57 PMY
Hellos Readers ^^

Had not been blogging for weeks and here I am to update : ) Well like what I had said in my tagboard, I wouldn't update unless there is things for me to update. Anyway today went to Sentosa with Shines [ excluding rainbowshine ] and HuiShan.
Meet at SengKang LRT Platform at 9am for Shines and then off we went to MRT platform to wait for HuiShan. Soon we trained all the way to Harbourfront. Shines and HuiShan had their breakfast at MacDonalds so after eating we went to buy Sentosa Ticket and off we went : )

After reaching, we trained to Imbiah Station and walked awhile then we went to have our 2 ways SkyRide. Had our way down and it's a little scary [ for don't know what reason I find it a little scary -.- ] Anyway it's a pretty good day to go to Sentosa because don't have Sun or to say very little sunlight thus it's good lorhx. However, after enjoying ourself at the beach, it started to rain a little. Anyway after that we clean ourself and wanted to have lunch at KouFu but the stuff are real expensive so we went to 7 - 11 to buy. HuiShan and I had Ruffles and drink for lunch while Sara had mashed potato and drink. As for Fiona, she only had drink. Since it's raining, we ride on the Palawan Tram twice then switch to Silloso Tram and finally we went back to have our last SkyRide as there was only a few raindrops. I felt that going up was better than going down : ) After reaching we went to take train back to Vivo City. HuiShan and I left first then Sara and Fiona continue to went shopping in Vivo City and buy food. Went back home with HuiShan. Thanks HuiShan for chosing to ride the same LRT with me !
Actually this post should be full of words but I'm rushing off to watch Channel 8's drama and have dinner so I cut short a lot of parts. Anyway will share some photos with you readers to end my post : ) Today really had lot of fun with Shines and HuiShan, shall go again next time. May everyone enjoy their day. Goodbye ~

Sentosa Ticket

SkyRide Ticket


Fiona, Sara, Me, HuiShan [ Gosh, I look so ... in this pic ! ]

Sara & Fiona

Sara Darling : )

Lunch Receipt =D

Fiona & Sara's back view

.13 November 2009 ' 2:38 PMY
Hellos Readers ^^

Today blog post would be longer than previous post : )

Social Studies > Continue with the copying of essay. Maths > Continue practicing TYS questions. Recess > Stay in class awhile then went to find Mrs Tan regarding Pure Geography issue. POA > Was 6 minutes late for lesson due to the talk with Mrs Tan. As usual, Miss Shang is teaching and Miss Mandy is helping when students have problems : ) Miss Mandy is very funny today ! Physics > Mr Yeo came in and started going through the physics worksheet. Luckily today lesson wasn't as bored as the past lesson. However, his lesson is still boring ! After school > Went home alone as I'm having lunch at home again.

That's all for today post. Serious speaking during this two weeks of intensive programme, I get an better idea for some particular subjects. However, there are some subjects which I think that there was no use at all. Anyway it's finally holiday !!! In addition, some of the readers reading this post should also take a look at my personal message : ) It's specially for some of you readers : ) May everyone enjoy their day. Goodbye ~

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